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The CT Complete Training Foundation Course gives you everything you need to know to get started successfully with CT – start by learning the principles of equine behaviour and learning in relationship to training, then discover how to introduce CT to your horse, teaching him to stand and walk quietly at liberty with you, to touch a target, to send to and ‘hold’ on a target, back up, stand on a mark and to ‘stay’. 

See these lessons with a wide range of people and horses, from anxious horses to ones who are pushy and ‘foody’. You’ll learn how to adapt the training to help your horse become relaxed, polite and a motivated learner. You’ll also learn how fast to progress and how to fade out the click and food rewards from learned behaviours.

On top of all this, you can watch 3 full case studies of Hannah introducing CT to 3 very different equines – a neglected colt with only one eye, a bargey, bitey donkey and an older Dales mare who has done very little in her life. These sessions show you exactly how to structure your training and adapt to the individual you’re working with. 

There are over 6 hours of lessons plus the Case Studies – watch it all to gain a deep understanding of equine learning and positive training, or jump straight to the lessons you need for your horse.

Our full suite of Home Study Courses gives you access to hundreds of high quality training videos. Filmed with real people and horses, as well as many lessons showing Hannah training her own horses and theory lessons from Rachel, you will never be stuck for advice, ideas or step-by-step training programmes.

On joining, you get instant access to all the material in all of the Courses so you can find the right tutorials for you and your horse.

Our Home Study Courses are:
The Complete Training Foundation
Daily Handling 
Healthcare Procedures
Cool, Calm and Connected – Despooking for Life
Loading and Travelling
Lunging, Long-reining and Freejumping
Gymnastic Groundwork (Coming Very Soon)
Starting or Re-Starting Your Horse Under Saddle
Riding with Connection
Riding with Connection Conference Lectures

Join in on the live CT Q&A each month. You can ask your question directly and get input from Rachel and Hannah on your particular situation. 

These calls are easy to join from anywhere in the world.

You can listen to and download all previous Q&A recordings. These are perfect to listen to when you’re driving, mucking out or to make housework a little more interesting! These discussions cover a wide range of topics and questions and really give you an insight into how to apply CT to all kinds of situations.

Get access to the supportive and friendly CT Forum. This is the place to ask questions and discuss horse training and management topics.

Search the forum for previous topics and replies on your question, too.

This blog is for CT Members only and gives you extra training videos, tips and techniques and behind-the-scenes from Rachel and Hannah. 

Share your photos, horses and info through your profile. Log your sessions through your Training Journal – this is great to look back and see your progress as well as to keep track of your training. 

You can choose to keep your Journal entries private, or share them with other CT Members.

Each month, we’ll set a small training task that you can train and then enter with your horse. 
These Challenges are not competitive, but are designed to give you focus, inspiration and a way to share your training. You can adapt each Challenge to a level that suits your horse and enter as many times as you like.

You can browse other Members, view their profiles and search by location to find other CT Members in your area.

(Please note, adding profile information and location is optional.)

You can purchase Coaching calls with our experienced, certified Coaches. Getting one to one support from someone who lives and breathes Connection Training is the best way to make smooth progress with your horse. Your Coach can help you to set achievable training plans, pinpoint blocks in your training and offer clear, actionable advice to help you move forward.

Our Coaches are friendly, supportive and highly knowledgeable and experienced.

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It’s a monthly subscription to join the CT Club with your first month half price (so you can check it out and see if it’s for you!). 

’30 day free trial and a sign up fee’ translates to ‘pay fee on sign up and then begin regular payments after 30 days’. Or, ‘get your first month half price’!

You can cancel your membership at any time through your CT account page.

If you have any questions or queries, send us an email at – we’ll be delighted to help!

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